Premises Distribution System

A premises distribution system, or PDS, is a preplanned network of cabling within a building , designed for the transmission of voice and data. The PDS provides a connection point for external communication and links to the public telephone network. A PDS is typically a structured wiring system that is designed to implement future services and growth, and accommodate future moves and reconfigurations.

Services SMARTTECH can provide include the following :
• Design, Supply, install test and commissioning of Premises Distribution System (PDS) for 132 / 380 KV Substation (i.e HV GIS, EHV GIS, MV Switchgear, Gatehouse, Control Room, gantry Area, HVAC/Mechanical Rooms, Telecom Shelter , and other building if any).
• Provide and install communication cable trays and pull box as required and necessary to completely route the underground fiber optic cables to the designated location of the optical fiber management rack (OFMR) (BY OTHERS).
• Provide and install 2X50 mm 0 rigid steel galvanized PVC coated conduits and place one ( 1 ) 32mm outside diameter flexible HDPE subducts inside one of the 50mm diameter conduit with the proposed 4 way joints boxes at the gantries up to the proposed communication handholes maximum 5 meters away from the Gantry Structures as per SEC standards.
• Provide optical fiber cable routed inside the DUCTBANK shall be installed inside a rigid HDPE subduct. All subducts inside inside the handholes shall be 32mm 0 O.D. and inside the buildings shall be 25mm 0 O.D., corrugated, fire rated, flexible and orange or gray in color. Unused subducts shall be provided with pull ropes of different colors and ends plug/cap for future use