Substation Automation Systems

Smart Tech SAS Team engagement starts early in the design phase with the manufacturers (ABB, Siemens,..etc).

It then goes through design implementation on site, configuration of IEDs from different vendors and carry out integration between Substation Automation System and IEDs. After completion of testing and commissioning Smart Tech SAS team provide technical support to meet new requirements.
With expertise based on several years of field experience and certified engineers in protection, SAS and SCADA RTU, SMARTTECH is qualified to offer full scope of testing and commissioning services of IEC 61850 based Substation Automation System (SAS) and SCADA Systems.
Services SMARTTECH can provide include the following:
• Designing substation automation architecture including remote access.
• Evaluating existing system for expansion possibility.
• Providing overall solution to integrate substation equipment GATEWAY with control center through IEC 60870-5-101 and IEC 60870-5-104 protocols.
• Configuration and parameterization of IEDs by using different tools (PCM 600, DIGSI, AGILE, IET, etc.).
• Integration for IEDs from different manufacturers with SAS system through different protocols (DNP 3, IEC 61850, IEC 60870-5-103, etc.).
• SAS Mapping and Configuration by using different tools (SICAM PAS, WIN CC, SAT Toolbox, etc.)
• IEC 62439-3 PRP testing.
• Interoperability test to ensure the inter-relay protection / control schemes work as designed.
• Functionality test to ensure the SAS system functions effectively as per the approved protection scheme.
• Integration test to ensure the entire Substation Automation System functions interactively.
• IEC 61850 IEDs Function Test.
• Carry out system tests and point to point test according to approved test format and Signal List
• Providing site-training activities on SAS systems for end user.