We provide professional automation solutions

The portfolio of our services provides professional automation solutions for the power transmission, distribution sector, and Industrial plants.

These solutions are integrated with multi-vendor products which serve and fulfill customer technical requirements and needs, with considering optimum cost requirements.

Quality, Safety, Reliability and Service

The services provided by the company can cover any project completely from the basic idea until the acceptance of the project work after its completion. Our range of services provides professional automation solutions for the power transmission and distribution sector, industrial facilities, residential and commercial facilities.

Whereas we comply with the company's policy of providing products and services that comply with and meet all specifications of the requirements and needs of its customers, bearing in mind that the implemented internal procedures and material selection techniques ensure that products and services conform to the contractual and agreed requirements of customers.

We are proud to announce that we've rebranded!

Transformation is coming around us, so we decided to keep pace with this change by taking Vision 2030 as a beacon for this transformation to guide us to the path that is in line with the future visions of the country, and we are with this change.

Products & Services Portfolio

This Automation and Communication solutions portfolio covers the following systems:

  • Structured Cabling system –Complete solution.
  • Substation Automation Systems (SAS).
  • Fiber Optical cables, Patch Panels and splicing.
  • Premises Distribution System (PDS).
  • Networking & Wireless Solutions.
  • Low current Systems (PA, AV, CCTV, Access Control, Parking Management System).

Our Latest News

Opening the company new branch in Riyadh on Monday 23/01/2023.

Our Services

Consulting services: engineering studies (functional analysis), evaluations and recommendations (value planning, network design architecture, and defining eligibility & qualification criteria of vendors.

Design services: cost estimates, project scheduling, and conceptual drawings.

Field services: troubleshooting, field engineering liaison and inspection, commissioning and checkout, supervision of implementation & acceptance testing, and maintenance services for new & on-going systems.

Construction services: commercial and industrial. Our expertise had been honored by involvement in some of the most ambitious projects. By engaging us, clients are assured of the very best solutions, tailored to their needs.

Our Partners

We are proud to work with our partners to achieve the highest outputs of excellence and quality of work provided to our clients
In order for this to happen, we had to work with the best partners, including suppliers, companies, and even clients and contractors

Supply of service for Termination and Fiber installation testing works S/S Jeddah Stadium.

Jeddah Stadium

A successful project for Supplying & configuring of complete Low Current System.

Frontel Hotel

High Quality Products for Fiber solutions 

  • Supply, installation, termination, test & commissioning of Optical Frame Management Rack (OFMR) panel with full accessories.
  • Engineering and Design of Under Ground Non-Metallic Fiber Optic (UGNMFO) cable.
  • Supply, termination, test & commissioning of FO cable with full accessories from Gantry OPGW Joint Box to OFMR panel.
  • Splicing, terminating, Test & commissioning of SAS (Substation Automation System) Multi-core Fiber cable with pigtail & connector.
  • Media Convertor Test & commissioning. Fiber Optic Cables Troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Certified Engineer and Technician for Testing & commissioning of the FO cable by using calibrated test equipment for the following test:
    • Attenuation Losses.
    • Optical Mean Launched Power.
    • Insertion Losses.
    • Sensitivity Test.
    • Chromatic Dispersion / Polarization Mode Dispersion (CD/PMD).

We fulfill customer technical

requirements and needs

Knowing the needs of customers and studying them through an expert engineering team and evaluating all factors that affect any project is one of the foundations of our goals as a company and one of the main pillars stipulated in the vision of the general administration.

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