Smart Tech Medical

Specialized in supplying medical supplies to serve professionals in the healthcare sector.

Mission and Scope

Is to provide the most advanced medical devices, and the most recent medical technologies to the Saudi Arabian Healthcare market, and Middle East market.

Global thinking, National Vision

At Smart Tech Medical, we align our strategy with Saudi Vision 2030, We strive for excellence in medical supplies field, with main focus to supply our customers with the highest quality medical devices and medical equipment tools.

At Smart Tech Medical, we believe that Saudi Arabia is well-positioned to grow its medical devices, medical consumables, and medical equipment.

The significant change in demographics profoundly affects the future shape and direction of the Saudi healthcare and medical supplies sector.

Medical supplies sector in Saudi Arabia, being the country with largest economy in the MENA region, is considered as a lucrative and very promising market to help patients and improve the community quality of life.


The Saudi Medical Supplies market is very promising. The major domains “Medical Devices, Medical Consumables, Medical Equipment” are regulated by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA).

All our products are licensed by SFDA to assure the highest scientific evidence and risk assessment has been professionally applied.

About Smart Tech Medical

Founded in 2022 in Saudi Arabia, as a medical supplies division of Smart Tech Co Ltd., serving the Healthcare professionals. Now, we are working to supply medical devices, medical disposables, and medical equipment to healthcare sector.

At Smart tech medical, we strive for innovation through a new advanced and a cutting-edge medical technology and safety healthcare products like QSTAT safety syringes, and in collaboration with the Healthcare industry partners.

Our main objective is to meet and exceed our customer needs and success partners expectations.

Our experienced Customer Services Team's priority is to ensure the high level of care and attention to assist you to set up

Physiotherapy Clinics

Dental Clinics

Day Care Units

Best innovative medical products 

Our warehouse staff provides efficient and fast delivery for every customer.

Smart Tech Medical is committed to providing the best innovative medical products in order to improve patients' health and community lifestyle in Saudi Arabia.

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